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About us

Cornelder Holding B.V. is a family business founded in 1814 as services provider for ship owners and maritime agents in the port of Rotterdam. Cornelder made a strong organic growth and became a renowned one-stop-shop that serves all her clients’ maritime and logistic needs. For Cornelder, Rotterdam was a starting point but the focus became increasingly overseas. First mainly within Europe but later as well Africa and Asia. Cornelder was further consolidated with acquisitions and joint ventures to restructure the core business.

Today, Cornelder is investing as a majority or minority shareholder in innovative and creative companies with mostly a link to the base of our maritime and logistics expertise in Europe and in East Africa.

Our Value:

We believe in entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation, a clear focus and a long term investment.

Our Vision:

Become a professional investment engine that protects the wealth of shareholders and obtains outstanding returns.

Our Mission

  • Generate superior investment returns
  • Create synergies among the companies we invest in
  • Attract, develop and retain highly talented professionals
  • Be responsible and respected in the global community
  • Build and promote the economy of East Africa

Our core capability:

  • Equity investment
  • Business development
  • Financial management
  • Big Data application
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